Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Picture this…. The smell of lavender and a soothing aroma therapy branded bubble bath trickling down the hallway of your bathroom. As you make your way to the bathroom door, you open it and notice a new soothing color scheme, fresh spa robs and towels laid out along with oils and candles all properly arranged as if you are at your favorite spa all in the comfort of your own home. 

With everyone living on such a tight budget, totally remodeling your bathroom may not be the most cost effective approach for you at this time, however, we here at Plumbtile.com have the perfect starter solutions to turn your everyday bathroom into the Spa of your dreams while on a budget.

We care the best styles of tubs from Duravit, Toto, Hydro Systems, MTI, Zuma and more!

Color schemes:

It all starts with a little bit of color. Try to play around with neutral colors. If you notice in most Spas, they use a lot of soothing colors like white, beiges, greens, blues and even wood based colors. These colors that are not only appeasing to the eye, but will create an ambiance that will sooth and relax your mind, body, and soul. You can choose to paint your bathroom white or beige or maybe even pick décor to change up the color scheme.

Bathed in Color: When to Use Blue in Bath –  Blue paint picks for bathrooms
1. Across the Bay DE5757, Dunn-Edwards
2. Blue Ground 210, Farrow & Ball
3. Cool Turquoise KM3238-2, Kelly-Moore
4. Pool Party GLB09, Glidden
5. Chicago Blues 804, Benjamin Moore
6. Bracing Blue SW6242, Sherwin-Williams









Neutral Color Bathroom Design Ideas – (Source: BHG.com): Shades of White -Varying tones of white, ivory, and ecru visually combine to make this bath look expansive, belying its narrow dimensions and giving it a spa-like quality. The room’s neutral color scheme achieves a sun-kissed radiance thanks to the natural light that flows through two divided-light windows: one in the shower and one above the tub. This light and airy feel translates into a period-style bath that respects the past and serves the needs of the present.

Bath and shower:

Whether you have just a bath or a shower or a bath or shower combo, you can turn your tub/ shower into something more than just an area to cleanse. There are different shower heads that offer a Spa feel with different speeds and sizes that will give that full body massage. Also changing up your tub or even shower can even set the tone to relaxation.

Bathroom Into Spa 4
Hydro Systems Whirlpool and Air Bath Tubs


Candles, towels, Spa robes, oils, bubble baths and even a new shower curtain are just some starter décor items for your at home spa. You can grab most of these items at your favorite local department or online store.

Start creating your Oasis today, right in your own bathroom. Enjoy the serenity in your at home spa style bath.


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