Top 5 Updates that Bring Value To a Home

The first update that can really increase the value of your home is doing a minor bathroom remodel. Updating your bathroom can become costly if you replace the tub, tile, sink toilet and vanity. You are looking at about $10,000 per However, it is you will get a higher return in resale value. If you cannot afford to replace everything you can do small fixes. You can replace tiling on your bathroom walls or floors. You can use Porcelanosa Parker: Vintage Wood Porcelain Tile to really set your bathroom apart from others on the block. You can re-glaze your tub for around $300.00. Replace some old caulking and do some painting.

Another easy upgrade you can do is the landscaping outside. Some color at the front of the house can create curb appeal. Choose plants that vary in height and try to stick with one color to bring the full attention to the front of the house. Make sure to remove anything overgrown.

Another remodel you can do it a kitchen remodel. Kitchens can be the costliest to upgrade. However, if you do some cabinet refacing you will save yourself a lot of time and create a big impact. You can replace the handles with Top Knobs – Arched Appliance Pull 12 Inch (c-c) – Pewter Antique. They will bring your kitchen to the next century.

You can replace appliance, sinks and fixtures to finish up the update of your kitchen. without breaking the bank. Plumbtile has some great products to choose from.

If you have an attic most people don’t realize how much space, you can gain by converting it to useable space. Adding more space and adding better insulation can save you money on your electric bill as well. Just make sure your HVAC system can handle the addition.

And finally make sure to give your exterior a facelift. A gallon of paint can cover 400 sq. ft. of house. Choose a color that will set your house apart but appeal to the masses. Make sure to test for lead paint if you house was built or painted last before 1978. Just some small simple upgrades that won’t break the bank but will completely change your house.

Make sure to check Plumbtile for all of your upgrades. Our sales specialists are waiting to answer any questions you may have.