Tips to De-Clutter and Brighten Your Bathroom


Bathrooms like a kitchen just seem to attract clutter, it doesn’t matter how big or how small it is you can just walk in some days and think the closet or cabinets just exploded all over the room. There are some easy fixes to take care of this and make your life easier and more comfortable. So, take a deep breath and let’s dive in!

First, throw out of all bottles, packages or items that are half empty or have not been used in over two months, unless it is not something that is used daily. In your vanity drawers remove everything and sort the items by usage, daily or weekly usage will be stored in the drawers closer to the top and the items used less frequently will be stored under the sink or in the drawers closer to the bottom. Throw away any outdated medication or makeup.

Move everything off the counter putting the things in the medicine cabinet or vanity drawers, adding pretty soap and lotion dispensers. If you are running low on storage space think about attractive and functional shelving. Adding decorative baskets are a great way to conceal extra toilet paper rolls, make-up, and hair care products and you can now buy racks that fit over the door.

These simple tips will help you to keep your space clean, organized and clutter-free. Fresh flowers or a live plant will bring a spot of color and add a fresh scent to the room. It will also produce a calming effect and help to relieve some stress and frustration of always seeing a cluttered bathroom.

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