The right roof for your porch ceiling

Whether you are adding a new porch or remodeling the existing porch, getting the right roof and ceiling for it is crucial. If you don’t have the right roofing you might get leaks or it isn’t right because the color is off. Some homeowners will use their porch all year long and install an outdoor kitchen. Making sure your porch is safe from the elements is extremely important for the longevity of this space.

You see in many homes a drop ceiling with painted or stained beadboard is the classic look that gives any home an old world charm. More and more homeowners want a more open look and feel to their living space and will go with an open ceiling exposing the rafters that support the roof. By using contrasting planks with the exposed rafters you add dimension and visual interest to your porch.

If you like a vaulted ceiling, this type follows the roof line and the finishing materials are applied to the rafters. A vaulted ceiling will make the space feel larger and more open keeping your porch cool in hotter climates.

Your roof needs to be well-built to protect you from the elements, but keep in mind the shape, size and style of the porch roof. Choose the right roofing materials for your the slope or pitch of your roof line.

For example, if you have a shallow-sloped roof, asphalt and cedar shingles are not considered a good choice for shallow-sloped roofs so look at a nice metal roof. Metal roofs wear better and last longer than most shingles and come in a variety of colors.  For a steep-sloped roof, your options expand. Asphalt, concrete and clay tiles, cedar and slate are materials that are good candidates for this type of roof.

Once you have decided on the roofing material, here are a few other factors you need to consider:

  • For an enclosed porch ceiling, vents are imperative to keep moisture from the roof cavity.
  • Adding a ceiling fan? Make sure the one you purchase is one that can be used outside and can handle the elements but also works with the height of your ceiling.
  • If you want to use your porch all year long and you live in a cooler climate get durable plastic or glass panel inserts to replace the screens.

Still have questions about porch ceilings and roof options? Don’t fret and head over to PlumbTile right now to ask our expert employees for their advice. They will be able to answer any and all questions you have or be able to refer you to the right person. Don’t let the options scare you away from making the necessary remodels to your porch ceiling and roof.