The Possibilities With Laufen Tile

Tile makes for great floors. They are strong, wear resistant, resistant to mold and mildew, and they are relatively easy to keep clean. Smaller tiles can be used for walls as well. By using different sizes of tiles, you can create unique patterns, or you may choose to stick with the same size for a clean look. Tile can also be used for several different rooms in the home: kitchen, bathroom, entryway, and sunroom. If you are in the market for tile, Laufen Tile may be able to help.

A Bit About Laufen

Laufen is actually under the Roca Tile Group. This group includes Roca, Laufen, United States Ceramic Tile, and Incepa. The Roca Tile Group distributes ceramic and porcelain tiles worldwide. It produces a wide variety of kitchen and bathroom tiles for both floors and walls.

Lauren kitchen tile

 What Do They Offer?

The Roca Tile Group has a wide range of both ceramic and porcelain tiles that can be used in just about any room. There are a large number of collections from which to choose. The color possibilities seem almost endless. There are solid colors, patterned colors, and even colors that mimic wood and stone. The options for kitchen tile are almost limitless, like the ones for bathroom tile. They also have a collection of bath accessories, which includes soap dishes and towel bars.

Why Laufen?

As it is part of a larger group, you have nearly limitless possibilities when it comes to designing your tile floor or wall. You can choose large tiles to make an entryway appear more open. For your kitchen, you could choose tiles that look like hardwood, except you wouldn’t have to worry about damage. You can create a mosaic tile in your bathroom with smaller tiles. You are really only limited by your imagination.

If you are looking to redo your floors with ceramic or porcelain tile, look to Laufen Tile and the Roca Tile Group, where you will find just about every possibility under the sun.