The Perfect Lighting for Your Kitchen



You want your kitchen to be functional yet look elegant and modern. Lighting can be a tricky task in the kitchen. Depending on where your kitchen is centered you want to make sure the light is set to perfection. Incorrect lighting can make a kitchen feel dull, dark and dingy. In order to choose the correct lighting, you will want to create zones within these spaces which can create a bit of a challenge. Changing our mood, depending on the function, at the click of a switch. If you have any questions you can visit Plumbtile or contact one of our experts.

There are different types of lighting depending on the zones such as background lighting which is essential in order to provide indirect lighting. If you put lighting down the walk ways you will end up creating the total opposite of what you are going for. It will end up being very dark. You will want to align lights with the cabinet doors in order to reflects the light off of the surface creating a soft beautiful light .




You can also use lights on the top of the cabinets for those kitchens with high ceilings so they can reflect the light to produce a glow. Making your kitchen feel elegant and unique. Color changeable lights can be used in this area to change the tone according to the time of day. This will create a bright crisp brighter light in the daytime and softer light for evening.


Let’s not forget or freestanding kitchen lights. They can be of any kind. You can use pendent lights, chandeliers, strip lighting to appear that it is floating and can add layers of lighting. The Hudson Valley Lighting – Savona – Pendant. LED strip lighting is perfect to use on kitchen islands to achieve the same look. To avoid dirt collecting on fittings that cooking creates, always opt for recessed or semi-recessed fittings. By manipulating light in the kitchen, it becomes an amazing tool in creating visual barriers and defining zones.