The Old Fashion Flair of Herbeau

Herbeua tub

Your bathroom sees a lot of traffic. You get ready for your day in that room. You might pop in to quickly check your hair. You can escape there and unwind after a long, stressful day with a nice hot bath. As you spend so much time there, it’s only natural that the decor in your bathroom reflects your personal style. Herbeau offers an assortment of classically styled bathroom fixtures to suit anyone with a flair for the old-fashioned.

Herbeau basin

Bath Tubs

A bath can provide the ultimate relaxation. Herbeau has a number of different tubs for you. They have a fiberglass tub, available in white with your choice of multiple patterns. Some of their tubs have feet, giving them the ultimate vintage feel. Most of the footed tubs have cast iron feet, which are available in multiple finishes. Again, you can choose to keep your tub a classic white or you can have it personalized with one of many patterns. They also have a copper tub, for an extra luxurious touch.


There are several bathroom sinks from which to choose. You can pick from pedestals, sinks that are attached to the wall with legs underneath, countertop bowls, and bowls that are dropped into the counter. There is even a corner unit for an exceptionally small bathroom design. Most of the sinks are china, available only in white with your choice of the pattern should you wish. There is also a copper and tabletop bowl, with two finishes, and a dropped-in metal bowl with six finishes.


Herbeau toiletToilets 

There is a limited selection of old-fashioned styled toilets. These ceramic toilets are classic white with your choice of a colored pattern if you desire. For one toilet, you have the option of customizing the finish on your flush lever.


No bathroom is complete without a few complementing accessories. The Herbeau bathroom fixture accessories include soap dishes, towel rings or bars, mirrors, hooks, and toilet paper holders. Anything with metal has multiple finishes, and anything finished white has the same available patterns.

If you have a taste for the old-fashioned, Herbeau should be right up your alley. With so many options and many of the fixtures offering the same patterns, you have the ability to make a cohesive bathroom that allows you to escape and relax.