The Latest Kitchen Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

As time goes by, trends come and go. Green kitchen appliances slowly morphed into stainless steel. Tile backsplashes fade in the background as slabs take the forefront. Even the main purpose of a kitchen has reached an entirely new level. Oftentimes you may even find an area in the kitchen that can be used as a workstation using your laptop and charging stations for your mobile devices. Fully functional bars have also been installed, adding more of a reason for gatherings to ensue in the kitchen. Mudrooms and laundry rooms have made their way offset to most kitchens making it convenient for multi-taskers complete their daily chores better than ever. With so many trends taking over the common kitchen, it’s always good to keep up and possibly apply them to your own home.

What are the three top kitchen trends of this year?

Peninsula or Island Counters. As seen on most popular restaurants around the world today, these peninsula and island counters have become a huge convenience to the modern kitchen. Similar to bars, you can purchase the latest style of stools that best fit your room. Having this in your modern kitchen is certainly a welcoming asset for entertaining guests while you’re cooking their favorite meals. It’s also a great option for those families always on the go that simply have no time to all sit together at the table. This is even an amazing trend for those homes that don’t have space for a dining area. With additional counter space, there is also opportunity for multipurpose use. Simply create additional storage below the bar that can house things from wine bottles to plates and ceramic ware. The additional bar space also provides you room for your counters that are not compromised. You can still have your coffee machine out as well as your toaster without sacrificing your eating and entertainment area.

Natural hardware. While the modern look has dominated for so many years, this year’s approach is to go natural. Purchasing raw materials to decorate your kitchen brings a sense of normal and softness to today’s kitchen. Go for untreated wood, or even an exposed brick wall to add character and texture. When adding stainless steel to a brick wall, you’ll bring an industrial look to any room.

Replacing your cabinet hardware can also add a much needed lift to your kitchen giving it a modern clean look. Alno offers a refreshing, clean look to your knobs and pulls. But if you are looking for something not everyone has in their kitchen Abstract Designs offers Celtic designs for their knobs and pulls.

Darker colors. It is always said that lighter colors give the illusion of more space to any living space. While in most cases this is true, using all black can be expansive in many ways. Adding all black tile flooring from Terry Tiles can provide a feeling of a long corridor. An island in all black would attract your guests to congregate around it like a moth to a flame. While painting an entire room black may be a tad overwhelming, an accent wall will do just fine. Even if the only black items in your kitchen are appliances, they will stand out and demand attention. Black is a color of intense boldness that can bring elegance and intrigue to any room.

So before you decide to pass over darker colors, preferably black, think again. There are so many possibilities that you have not explored. Experience them in this new year. You won’t be disappointed with your choice of adventure.