The Difference Between Jetted and Soaking Tubs

Zuma soaker

There are several different options for those who are looking to install a tub. Of all the different types of tubs available two of the most popular choices are jetted and soaking tubs. Let’s take a look at the differences to make it easier to decide which type is best for you.

Soaking Tubs

Stone Forest Soaker Tubsoaking tub is very much like a standard style bathtub but usually shorter and more oval in shape. They are also deeper in order to allow the ability to easily soak the entire body. This shape takes less water to fill the entire tub than longer traditional tubs.

These tubs can be placed in the usual space such as a corner, but recent trends in interior design have also seen these tubs placed in new creative ways. Possibly in the center of wall space or even in the middle of the room. Typically, there is a drain at the bottom of the tub and they are available in many styles and types of material.

Jetted Tub

A second type to consider is a jetted tub. These are also commonly referred to as whirlpools. These tubs take some extra consideration about size and space requirements as well as maintenance. Some extra homework may be required when considering this type of tub.

There are two main types of jetted tubs. The first is a “Water Jet” tub which actually shoots the water through the jets. This helps it stay warm longer since it is actually recirculating the water. They tend to create stronger waves in the water which can lead to a more soothing massage effect. Also note that typically, bubble bath products cannot be used with water jet style tubs.

The second jetted style tub to take a look at is the “Air Jet” style. Rather than using water to create movement in the tub, they use air. Air jet tubs have a very soothing massage effect, but it can be somewhat less than the water jet type tub. Air jet tubs are great for using with bath additives such as bubble bath, bath salts, and oils.

Either style of tub comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, as well as having many different features. Whatever your bathtub needs PlumbTile has the widest variety of choices and will help you find just what you need. Whether it’s relaxing in a traditional style soaking tub or working out the kinks and sore muscles in a jetted tub carries all of the designs from every major manufacturer.