Tabaraka Tiles at Plumbtile!

Tabarka Studio

Since the year 2000 Meir Zenati has been the driving force with his revolutionary creative approach to Tabaraka Studio’s handmade terracotta tiles. He has been influenced by the vast cultures from around the world to give you the decadent luxury of years gone by while also giving you a glimpse into the future and what could be.

Meir Zenati will transport you to a more nostalgic time when homes were made of the finest materials and made to withstand the test of time. Each tile is handcrafted by skilled artists that make up the Tabarka Studio’s team. Their craftsmanship, drive for excellence and quality is unmatched in the tile and flooring markets.

Tabarka Studio after more than a decade of focusing on high quality terracotta tiles they are now taking that same dedication for quality to luxury woods and unique stone to create you that one of a kind room.  Meir Zenati and his team of artisans have proven once again that no material is beyond their reach; their passion for perfection and quality turn an ordinary room into a spectacular oasis.

Tabarka Studio has searched all over the world looking for ideas and inspirations for their handmade terracotta tile. They have found these inspirations in some of the most common places and because of this they have developed a relationship with their customers inviting them to join in the search for the next inspiration. They encourage their customers to share their passion and ideas making the tiles more than just a piece of clay but a work of art.

Mier Zenati and the entire Tabarka Studio team make you feel as if you are part of the process and not just another customer. They understand the challenges when finding that perfect flooring style; they also make sure their main priority is that you are happy and satisfied. When looking to make your room a one of a kind room, look no farther than Plumbtile for Tabaraka Tiles.