Step-in Bathtubs Are Perfect For Everyone!


I know what you are thinking…. step-in tub? But if you are like so many families today you have a mix of elderly parents and children living in your home, there is no better way to ensure their safety at bath time then with a step-in tub. These tubs are wonderful to take a shower in or to soak after a long day, most will come with a bench seat for comfort. These tubs will eliminate the potential hazard of slips and falls while showering and are completely water tight.

Manufactures of these types of tubs have improved over the years in design to become not just a bathtub but offering the home spa experience. These tubs now offer air jets to massage away aches and pains, built-in heaters to keep the water at the perfect temperature longer. The step-in tubs are also equipped with water jets that relieve the pain of arthritis, MS and diabetes, and can even elevate those with high blood pressure.

Snip20170510_4If you are not yet ready to make the commitment to a step-in tub you can get a model that will turn your standard tub into a water tight tub. These modifications will add a door that is water tight and leak-proof, it still allows you to lay down instead of sitting up to soak and has the safety features you are looking for, such as: grab bars. If you are worried about climbing over the edge of a tub but don’t want to get a standard stand-in tub just yet this is perfect. The door allows you to step in and out of the tub effortlessly with no worries about slip and falls or climbing over the edge.

Whether you have small children, you are handicapped or elderly, there is a solution out there for you to make bath time enjoyable and relaxing again!