So what is the latest kitchen design trend?

In the growing years homeowners are moving towards eco-friendly, long lasting and “biggest bang for their buck” improvements to their kitchens and bathrooms. We at Plumbtile have found the trends are leaning toward concrete accents, wallpaper-like backsplash tile and vintage lighting. Here are just a few of the trends that we have noticed for 2018:

  1. Everyone loves white.White has always been a classic go to color in every home especially in the kitchen. But when you are trying to make a white room different and feel like your own the best way to do this is with little pops of color. The lighting you can change to pin lights with colored globes. You can also use color in your cookware and small appliances. You can warm wood tones in your flooring with bamboo or cork floors.
  2. Go big with a new sink.Think out of the box with your sink, use concrete, stone, marble and even cooper. Instead of a standard sink think large, deep farm sink to add that extra flair
  3. Add touches of old world to your lighting. Look for bronze or copper pendant lights or even a small chandelier.
  4. Concrete is everywhere. You have seen concrete for year ornaments but the popular outdoor decoration has moved inside. We are seeing more and more homes with concrete counters, floors, and even wall covers. Concrete is very versatile, you can add colors and even use a stamp to create a pattern.
  5. Think out of the box with your backsplash. Backslashes over the years have gotten very sophisticated in the design and materials. No longer do you have to use wall-paper or Formica you now can use concrete, tile, metal even wood or stone.

Be created with your kitchen and you will love the results!