Small Bathroom Vanities

Ronbow Bathroom vanity

When dealing with small bathroom vanities, you need to be able to make the most out of every inch they have available. There are a lot of things that need to be stored in bathroom vanity, so if you happen to have a tiny one, it makes that option much more difficult. Coming up with some small bathroom designs that are apt to give you more storage can take some of the weight off of having a small vanity in your bathroom. Here are a few options you have to get the most out of your space.

Compensating for Small Bathroom Vanities

DXV bathroom vanityComing up with small bathroom designs that involve a lot of storage can definitely help when your bathroom vanity is less than ideal for your needs. There are quite a few things that people often store in their bathroom vanities, such as a hairdryer, extra toilet tissue, bathroom cleaners, and sometimes even extra shampoos and body washes. You should also look into getting a bathroom medicine cabinet to hold all of your smaller items.

Putting shelves into your small space can make your small bathroom vanity seem much larger as you won’t have to try and cram as much stuff into it. Take the time to figure out which things you need to keep in your bathroom and figure out the best way of storing them within arms’ reach. Anything you don’t need at the ready in your bathroom should come out. Removing the excess ‘stuff’ from the room is part of what makes small bathroom designs so effective.

Looking for extra ideas for ways around small bathroom vanities? Then look at and see what it is they have to offer. You can find new vanities if the storage solutions you seek aren’t realistic, or you can look around and figure out which storage options will best suit your space.