Sizing up Your Kitchen and Bathroom


When you are remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, space and budget can be a challenge. One kitchen dilemma can be that the kitchen is too small. Remodeling can allow for the kitchen to seem large and spacious without causing financial hardship.

Tiny kitchens can feel confining when overhead cabinets are hovering over you in tight spaces. Many individuals cannot reach the higher levels and the feeling is restricting. Ponder shelving and hanging pot racks. This technique will give your kitchen look more “roomy” and not so cluttered.


Incorporating glass to your kitchen is one of the easiest ways of “enlarging” your kitchen, allows you to see items, thereby boosting the feeling of openness. Try glass counter and glass door cabinets. Glass kitchen doors leading outside or to the next room can also visually open up a space. Installing reflective glass tile can give your kitchen sparkle and shine. Don’t forget to add mirrors in a backsplash or tactically placed around the room to add to the elusion that the room is bigger.

For your master bath, size can matter! Most homeowners want an open, light and bright feel to their bathroom. In small bathrooms, sometimes the shower room feels tight. So we combined the shower and tub together, creating a dedicated space for both, which makes the space feel really big.”

First use mirrors to let light in. If by chance there is no windows, mirrors can reflect light on the surfaces in your bathroom and can create the illusion of more room. Use lots of mirrors instead of just hanging one mirror above the sink. A full-length mirror against the wall reflects lots of light and will add depth to a narrow bathroom.

CIE-412-16555 - © - Astronaut ImagesUsing floating furniture will always give a small bathroom functionality and an illusion of space. Not only will the drawers hide your bathroom necessities, it will also make the room look and feel more spacious considering a floating vanity is without legs and it keeps the floor clear. Avoid buying a huge vanity or space-invading bathtub for your tiny bathroom. A simple single sink vanity that has an open shelf will look just as chic as a full-sized vanity.

A minimal look with a pretty pedestal sink will also work great in a small bathroom. It takes up very little room and looks fantastic. Besides the simple look, they give your bathroom an airy, open look by avoiding the stocky vanity sink.

No matter how small your kitchen or bathroom is in your home, a little simple replacements or additions can definitely make a spacious and airy room. Keep it simple and visit for your kitchen and bathroom needs!