Simple Cleaning Tips for Your Bathroom


When you bought your home 10 years ago, the bathroom was shiny and bright. Over the years, it has become dingy and dull. Your bathroom sink, bathtub and even accessories have lost their spark. Wanting that new look again can happen again. Your biggest concerns are, how do you keep it from looking like the old one? No worries, it is quick and easy and before you know it the old bathroom is just a distant memory.

270d0db2-97ad-49b3-b101-7e4bdbd8852dPut everything away after you or your family uses it. You installed cabinets with the storage space so it is time to use it. Ginger makes beautiful shelving, soap dishes and lotion dispensers to keep these items form cluttering your counter space.

If you have children you can get toy hammocks to store their toys in the tub without having them all spread out.

dfedff07-b8db-457d-b7f2-053d5fa46bae Use the towel bar to hang the towels and when everyone is done using the bathroom, take a moment to wipe it down. This will prevent dirt from building up keeping your bathroom looking fresh and beautiful all the time.

If you clean your bathroom daily you never have that embarrassing moment when a guest comes over. Plus, it will help to reduce the spread of cold germs keeping the family healthier. I know, clean the bathroom daily.  But it really is easier than you think. The simple task of wiping down the counter and sink will only take a couple extra minutes.  Also wipe down the toilet and spray out the bathtub and shower area. If you keep handy a spray bottle with some vinegar and water, disinfecting wipes or mild cleaning spray you can just spray the surface and wipe it off taking with it the germs, hard water residue and leaving your surfaces fresh and clean. It will also extend the life of your surfaces by not allowing the build up to damage.

And finally do a nice deep clean occasionally; cleaning the showerhead, air vents, door frames keeping the dusts and residue from building up and causing long term problems.