Robern’s IQ Digital Lock Box

Lock box

Robern’s IQ Digital Lock Box is the best defense against a growing medication misuse crisis. Plumbtile is proud to introduce a greatly protected and reliable means to keep your prescription medications and other valuable items in your home.

Essential Home Security

You can protect your loved ones, and any home visitors by keeping your medications and personal items secure and out of reach. The IQ Digital Lock Box features improved technology to always monitor your most sensitive items.

Have Peace of Mind

Keep young hands and prying eyes away from potentially dangerous medicines. The IQ Digital Lock Box gives you three different modes to choose from to give you a secure entry such as a personal passcode, unlock remotely via your smartphone, or use a physical key for total control and safety.

Confidence and Control

 This high-tech Lock Box also gives you alerts instantly when someone has accessed the entry. With a smartphone app, or with secure sign-in access on any web browser in your IQ Web Portal, you can receive intelligent monitoring, scheduling, and notification. No matter if you are home or on the go.

lock box

Premium Design

IQ Digital Lock Box models come in both Mounted and Freestanding choices. It comes with a color match to the gray hue of a cabinet interior with a built-in anodized aluminum shelf which blends your locked box discreetly for quality personal storage. Protect your medicines and valuables from moisture with a water and humidity-resistant exterior.

Two Mounting Solutions

Robern’s Mounted model was completely designed to effortlessly incorporate into a present Robern cabinet, which will prohibit anyone from easily removing the Lock Box without your knowledge. For Freestanding models, place your Lock Box in any cabinet for extra protection of sensitive belongings.

Robern also provides designers, architects, and consumers the finest in modern, sophisticated cabinetry, vanities, mirrors, and lighting. Please check out Robern’s comprehensive collection right at Plumbtile!