Plumbtile Visits KBIS

Plumbtile takes pride in carrying the best and most innovative products to date. We pay close attention to exciting new products and keep up with all current trends.  This year we attended the KBIS in Las Vegas. KBIS has showcased the kitchen and bath industry for 50 years. The Best of KBIS celebrates the most innovative new products of the year! We are privileged to carry some of these amazing brands.


Hansgrohe is one of the great brands we carry. Hansgrohe Bath and Kitchen Collections are a popular choice for consumers. Always classy and elegant, these collections are sure to satisfy all tastes.They received the impact award for their Rainfinity shower. The shower system features adjustable, concave shaped 3 jet over head shower that doesn’t limit itself to the face and shoulders. This setup includes a hand shower holder shelf and wall connection with a unique 4 function rain select shower.

Toto is another great company that received an award for their SP Washlet + SX Wall Hung Toilet. This toilet features a beautiful crisp design that not only looks elegant but has unique innovative features. This toilet has a cleansing system, a tornado flushing system and a high design. TOTO has revolutionalized the bath experience with an innovative line of commercial and residential bathroom fixtures and fittings

Another fantastic brand Plumbtile carries is Brizo. Brizo, an absolute model of how to distribute a brand! They were a finalist in the best of KBIS for their Kintsu bath collection. This collection features elegant tranquil contours using natural material. Their bath suite includes lavatory faucets, shower/tub components and other accessories. This design takes elegance to a whole new level.

These are just a few of the brands we carry that were featured at the amazing KBIS convention. Check out these and other great products at Plumbtile.