Planning Your Bathroom Transformation

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New technology transforms our day-to-day lives, from bringing the internet to our kitchens to stoves that can be programmed to turn on, cook, and shut down without you being there and refrigerators that will tell you when you are out of milk. The “smart home” is quickly becoming the norm and our bathrooms are keeping pace with the new technology. Here’s a look at the trends:

  • As our lives are getting busier and busier people are bringing flat-screen TVs, sophisticated sound systems, and telephones into the bathroom. This allows them to catch up on news in the morning or unwind in a hot bath at night and watch their favorite shows or movies. Phones are also showing up in the toilet area as part of the expanding communication technology for bathrooms.

  • Tubs and showers have evolved to now offer spa features such as shower systems with multiple body sprays, hydro tubs, steam rooms, and even Japanese soaking tubs.
  • The growing trend in shower design is to remove the enclosures making the shower more a part of the room.
  • Accessories such as radiant heated towel racks have a more model design bringing a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Radiant heated floor and air are also very popular.
  • Walk-in showers are replacing tubs as the tubs are now getting larger and deeper and require their own space in the bathroom. Taller toilets and wall toilets hung high are gaining popularity and make the bathrooms more accessible for the elderly and handicapped people. Even grab bars are now being made in decorative designs so as to enhance the beauty of the room and also add functionality.

We are a tech society that is evolving to incorporated that technology into every aspect of our lives including our bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house so it only makes sense to make sure it is as technologically evolved as the rest of the house. Walk-in showers, shower systems, hydro tubs, and radiant heating are perfect ways to give your bathroom much-deserved attention.

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