Newest Kitchen Trends

Kitchen Trends

When it comes to the latest trends in kitchen remodeling, consumers find that they have many available choices. Depending on their individual taste and budget the following suggestions are just a few among the 2014 kitchen trends:

While a change in wall color can help freshen up the look of your kitchen, consider another inexpensive choice and add a splash of color by replacing the kitchen sink with something eye-catching. If a splash of color is not appealing to your decorative taste, consider a sink with an apron – my favorite is the Elite Chameleon which offers a unique design in an otherwise bland space.


Cabinet Drawers and Doors
For extra convenience, consumers have the option of choosing cabinet doors and drawers which, with a touch of a button, fold up, out of the user’s way – an ideal new feature for small kitchens where space may be of a premium.

Storage Options
Years ago, a well-equipped kitchen was one that included a lazy Susan and a built-in spice rack. Those days are gone! Today, storage options include pullout trays, breadboxes and narrow spaces that would otherwise have false cabinet fronts are utilized as customized spots for pans such as cookie sheets and muffin tins.stove drawer

The kitchen of the future is here today. From sensor-activated lights that illuminate the kitchen only when it’s in use to meat thermometers that alert your Smartphone when dinner is done, kitchen technology is here to make your life easier. If you’re new to automation, a great introductory product is a hands-free faucet, like the one by Moen. Perfect for homes with small children who can’t yet reach the handle or any kitchen where busy cooks often have sticky hands.

Architectural Lines
Sometimes a touch of modern architecture is all you need to update your look. Kohler’s Purist faucet line has a minimalist profile, a 360-degree swivel spout, lever handles, and high clearance for pots and pans. All finishes are complementary to a neutral palette: Polished Chrome, Vibrant Polished Nickel, Matte Black and Vibrant Stainless.

Home for all Electronics
A charging station is one of the fastest-growing features of today’s kitchen—and with good reason. Think about how many electronics you’re using in the kitchen at any one time, maybe facetiming on your tablet while you download the evening’s dinner recipe on your laptop. Homeowners incorporating charging stations into island countertops or tucking them into a cabinet drawer (made easier by electric outlets with built-in USB ports). There are also freestanding stations that can be kept out on the countertop, space permitting.