New Year, New Bathroom!

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Happy New Year! Is one of your goals this year is to remodel your bathroom? While floor plans, decor, and material choices all vary greatly in bath and shower designs, one thing is for sure – we all have personal preferences for what we want this important room to be in our home.

Bath and shower trends have taken their own shape in the last few years.  Here are a few things we’re seeing that might spark ideas as you plan your next bathroom remodel:


Turn your bathroom into a spa getaway. A steam shower turns an already relaxing experience into a vacation, and it’s good for you too.


Bring glamorous, unexpected lighting into the bathroom. You may not have a suite as spacious as this, but a small crystal chandelier like the one hanging above this tub could be the touch of elegance you need.


Recycled-glass tile gives this bathroom an underwater appearance. The concrete double sink is designed in a trough style with matching under-counter hampers sitting underneath.

Brizo showers


More is more. A multi-head shower brings in luxury and functionality by misting you from all angles.


In-floor heating is a wonderful union of practicality and comfort. It is more cost-effective than most heating methods, and it feels really good on those cold winter mornings.


Adding furniture-style elements is still a hot trend in bathroom remodeling. A framed mirror helps accomplish the look for little money and effort.


One of the biggest changes in design noted by the AIA comes in the way of showers. “Curbless” showers that are easily accessed by those with limited mobility are finding their way more and more into homes.


Another trend in home showers is door-less showers or “wet bathrooms.” Rather than create a separate shower unit, more homes have showers without doors that blend seamlessly into the space.

Brizo tub


Another new trend is having a bigger tub replaced in the bathroom. Not only are there different sizes but there are also different materials you can use such as marble, stone, wood, and yes the old porcelain.

There are many other new bath and shower trends that are still being designed, even as you are reading this blog! Continue to visit us so we can keep you updated on the new trends as they become available. offers a full range of showers, showerheads, faucets, shower sets, and other kitchen and bathroom products. Get yours today!