New Trends For Your Home


As we get closer to the new year we are making New Year’s resolutions about our goals, dreams, health and physical being. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to update our homes? As we go into 2017 there are so many new trends happening that will bring your home into the new year.

They say that gray is the new white! White has become one of the industries favorite colors for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Its clean, sharp and can make any kitchen or bath a truly stunning environment. Well going into 2017 gray is going to top that. You can choose gray for cabinets, countertops, vanities, flooring and walls. Stone Forest offers a beautiful makeup table in siena silver grey marble or Fairmont Designs has created an open shelf vanity in a driftwood gray finish.

Another trend facing 2017 are sink options. No more boring chrome or white sinks. One of the biggest trends are the farmhouse sinks. And not just any farmhouse sink, one with a pop of color or design to add to a neutral kitchen or make it more of a focal point by using a similar color or design in the backsplash. Stone Forest makes a beautiful copper farmhouse sink. You can choose from many different designs, materials and colors. Its great with the amount of choices you have.


Choose some automated features within your newly designed room. From sensor-activated lights that illuminate the kitchen or bath to hands-free faucets, like this one by Symmons – Ultra-Sense Battery Powered Sensor Faucet. Perfect for homes with small children who can’t yet reach the faucet or to eliminate any germs by constantly touching the faucet. Maybe even adding a Keuco Lotion Dispenser With Sensor-Control or Kohler elongated bowl toilet seat with bidet which includes a tank heater. It is amazing how far technology has come. Take a look at all of our suppliers for your automated needs for your kitchen and bath at Plumbtile.

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