Need Another Bathroom But No Space?


You family is growing and you find yourself dreaming and wishing for an extra bathroom but you just don’t have the room. Or do you?

Not all bathrooms need to be large spacious rooms. If this is only a spare bathroom maybe a half bath 3’x5’ will work a simple sink, toilet and towel rack do. If you really want a full bathroom then you just need a space big enough to add a shower 3’x8’ and you will have your full-size bathroom!

Now that you know the true dimensions it is time to see where you can put this bathroom. You don’t want to major remodeling so to stay in budget make sure the room will be placed near your existing water and drain lines. Another obstacle can be the door. If you are turning a closet or pantry into a bathroom you might not have the room for a door to swing out or in, to remedy this consider a pocket door or to add flare add a barn door with a sturdy ornate track system.

Since the area is small this is great for the tile budget you can use a more expensive tile and not break the bank. You can also use part of that budget to upgrade your lighting and faucets possibly even getting a shower system.

Still not sure you have the space? Here are a few ideas on how to find the room:

  • If you have a large master bedroom look at a portion of that room and see if you have a 3’x5’ space or better yet a 3’x8’ space and turn that master bedroom into a master suite
  • Check the space under your stairs, if you live in a two-story house your staircase might have enough room that you can utilize
  • Most walk-in closets are the perfect size for a full bathroom
  • Even a hall closet can be converted into a half bath if the space is big enough

Keep in mind that if you choose to sell your home in the future, an extra bathroom could increase the value but make sure it makes sense where you add it in your home.