Native Trails Collections for Your Home


Native Trails Sinks

Native Trails is one of the amazing brands Plumbtile carries. Native Trails is one of the top artisans in the industry for crafted, sustainable products for kitchen and bath design. They offer crafted sinks, tubs, and bathroom vanities. Naomi Neilson founded Native Trails, using her passion for artisan tradition she and her team forged, researched and traveled to bring Native Trails to life. Each piece is one-of-a-kind; handcrafted from sustainable materials such as recycled copper, reclaimed wood, and concrete; each piece reflects the unique style and technique of the artisan who so skillfully created it.

Native Trails Collections

Plumbtile carries so many different collections of Native Trails. If you are looking for unique and beautifully crafted items you can choose Native Trails Copper Bathtubs, Native Trails Copper Lavatory Basins, Native Trails Maestro Collection, Native Trails Americana Collection, Native Trails Cuzco Collection, Native Trails Solace Collection, Native Trails Vintner’s Collection, Native Trails Zaca Collection, and Native Trails Natives Stone Collection.

Each collection offers its own uniqueness. The Farmhouse 25 sink is compact, yet makes a huge statement. It combines beauty with function and efficiency. The Farmhouse 25 is artisan crafted; forged of high-quality recycled copper. Did you know that there is a benefit to using copper? Studies have shown that uncoated copper can fight the growth of many bacteria which cause food poisoning, colds, and flu. Just one reason to choose copper for the kitchen or bath.

If you are looking for concrete, look no further than Native Trails Stone Collection. The NativeStone  Collection of kitchen and bar sinks are lighter weight than traditional concrete sinks by 40%. Can you believe that. But rest assured they are heavy duty and very versatile. All of Native Trails products are made with the best materials to sustain all of the elements. Make no mistake, they only create products with luxury, durability and elegance in mind.

You can find all Native Trails products are Plumbtile. Don’t forget to check us out! If you have any questions one of our specialists is happy to help you.