Move your kitchen to the backyard! Let’s talk outdoor kitchens.

In some areas summer has already hit and the thought of walking into your kitchen and cooking in this heat is a solid no go. Let’s face it we have all gotten pretty creative when it comes to summer cooking, preparing the meal in the mornings when it is cooler, spending a solid day preparing the main items of a meal so you only have to heat it up and even reducing the meal to sandwiches and cold salads. Anything to beat the heat!

But you don’t have to do this anymore!

Most households have a grill and you use that grill pretty heavy in the summer months. But with going in and out of the house to finish making the meal, wouldn’t it be nice to just have everything outside? Well now you can! It is easier than you think to set up an outdoor kitchen.

Planning, designing and building

First you have to come up with a design that works well in your space and one that will look great and not break your budget. Take a look at the area you have to work with, if it is large enough you might want a l-shaped or curved kitchen area that will incorporate a seating area. But if your space it limited no worries you can still have room for the cooking area with a counter top to work on and a small sink for cleanup. Plumbtile has many kitchen sinks to choose from that will work perfectly in this space.

Once you have decided the layout of your kitchen area you can start framing the space to incorporate your existing grill, or use this as a very good excuse to upgrade your grill, a sink area and if you have room a small outdoor fridge.

Finishing your project

Now that you have framed your project it is time to pick out the perfect tile. You will want something that will weather the changes of the season and still look great year after year. Akdo outdoor stone, mosaic & tile has a beautiful line of tiles to give your project a one of a kind look and feel. If you are looking for something more traditional WOW offers a Briques Wood tile that is gorgeous to complete your project.

Finish it off with a stunning sink and faucet and you will never want to cook inside again!