Most Popular Remodeling Trends for 2015


As 2014 draws to a close, many professionals and homeowners are looking forward to exciting remodeling trends in 2015. Not only does a simple remodel increase the value of a house immensely, it also can renew your love and comfort in your own home. Luckily, these investments in your home don’t have to cost a fortune – you can apply many of the newest trends to update your space for a very budget-friendly costs. The trick is knowing where and what to focus your efforts on.

Getting Back to Nature

Natural-bathroom-design-ideasIn 2014, there was a growing theme of getting back to nature in new homes and remodeling projects. It is not projected to slow down in 2015, and in fact to skyrocket as one of the year’s top remodeling trends.

To achieve this effect, many are tearing down rooms and creating open floor plans that reflect the great outdoors. This also allows you to use every inch of floor space in creative ways, and encourages warm family and guest interactions.

stone_forest_sinkAnother simple and cost-effective way to bring nature into your home is to use Earth tones in the paint and decor. Warm browns, rustic reds, and refreshing greens can invoke nature in calm and comforting ways. You could also invest in earth-toned kitchen and bathroom surfaces (counters and tile.)

Finally, using materials like stone tile and wood will literally bring the elements inside, and are often more eco-friendly options. There is everything from granite counter tops to stone sinks, as well as rich wood cabinets and more! Using a little creativity is key to pulling off the perfect look.

Strong Textures and Bold Accents

unnamed(6)Rather than making a new statement with an entire remodel, many homeowners are opting to simply “refresh” their current look with bold accents and strong textures. Adding one vivid accent wall, a few bright accessories, or lusciously textured flooring are great ways to spend a little and get a lot from your remodel.

Consider options like Tabarka Studio for strong textures in unexpected colors!

Using New Neutrals

unnamedEggshell, white, gray… These are the common neutrals, we are used to in home decor. But in 2015, get ready to mix things up with the new neutrals. More warm and inviting, colors like coral, eggplant, and taupe work great with open floor plans or wherever you want to add just a touch of color to liven up a room tastefully.

There is also no reason to confine these colors to paint. Try incorporating them in the decor with curtains, accent pillows, appliances, and more. Stone Forest is one company that provides many options for the new neutrals that you might not have even considered!

Whatever you decide to do in 2015 for your home, know that keeping it on trend is the best way to increase its value and keep you very happy with it.