Modernize Your Kitchen and Bath With Hands Free Faucets

Plumbtile: Brizo Hands Free Faucet

We have all been there….prepping dinner, cutting up the chicken and we realize we need to grab something else.  With chicken juice all over our hands we grab the faucet and turn it on…defeat, we have now spread chicken juice and germs everywhere.  There is however a quick and luxurious fix to this problem; hands free faucets. carries many brands and options to elevate this problem and add style to the function of your kitchen or bathroom. 

Pascal by Brizo is a great and affordable option for anyone looking to make simple upgrades to their kitchen in a couple of hours.  Small changes such as new faucets can revamp an entire area and give the kitchen a new and luxurious feel.

Don’t just think about the kitchen when it comes to hands free options, the bathroom is a Plumbtile: Hands Free Faucet prime candidate for a quick overhaul.  Rohl carries a line of bathroom faucets that are also hands free; helping to cut down on the spreading of germs.

Convenience and technology have combined to bring hands free faucets to homes instead of for just commercial use.  This new “luxury” has many features, to include: manual overrides, battery packs, no electrical work and dual faucets. Moen, Vola, Rohl and Hansgrohe are just a few of the manufactures that are branching out with this new technology and design.  You can rest assured that with companies such as these not only is the technology top notch but the design is cutting edge and stylish.

A new faucet is a simple way to update the spaces in your home , can be done in a matter of hours and by a novice installer.  Don’t hesitate to make the small changes on your own and experience the change and luxury that something as simple as a hands free faucet can accomplish.