Modernize Your Bathroom

Plumbtile: Porcher Bath

Up until now, bathrooms have had very functional looking toilets, tubs, and faucets. They look nice, yes, but not necessarily classy or modern. It is time to modernize your bathroom! The trend today is to revamp your bathroom; make it have style, grace, and individuality while still maintaining that old-as-time functionality. So what does a bathroom need? Tubs, toilets, faucets, and a little storage space for toiletries, towels, and other bathroom necessities, right? The possibilities are endless when you think about it. So many combinations of colors, textures, and uniquely designed furniture and fixtures offer infinite options when you take into the account the uniqueness of the individual who’s got it in their head to remodel and modernize their bathroom. Check out the following tips and ideas for modernizing your bathroom. 

Stay Traditional – Just Spruce it Up!

Plumbtile: Porcher

Modernize your traditional bathroom with a couple new faucets. It keeps the homey and comfortable feel of your old bathroom and mixes it with something exciting, new, and edgy. Another simple touch up to bring a new and modern feel to your bathroom is to add an accent wall – it’s way less hassle than painting the whole room and it provides a new avenue for bathroom decor.

You can really make your bathroom more contemporary by opening up the floor plan – or making it seem more open. The tiled shower with the glass divider and the large mirror above the sinks make this room look much bigger than it actually is, especially considering the dark colored tile which tends to make the room look smaller.

Eclectic – Why not try a little of Everything?

Don’t want traditional, but not sure about contemporary? Try a little of everything! Eclectic taste produces some amazing ideas and some beautiful bathrooms. This one has contrast; the gray, textured theme and the tank-less toilet really draw attention to the one wooden fixture in the room. This bathroom almost has an industrial edge to it, but the fixtures make it artistic.

On the other side of the eclectic spectrum, we have a light, airy feeling with these warm woods and peachy cream colors. The mirrors here contribute to the overall countenance of the room, along with the slightly raised tub under the window.

Bathrooms are a necessity, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay outdated just because everything still works. Spice up your life by modernizing your bathroom. Whether you just change a few faucets, add an accent wall, or go all out install new tubs, sinks, or toilets, you’ll be doing yourself a favor. When you go to get ready for work in the morning, a new bathroom will make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the modern day in a modern world. Visit to start designing your dream bathroom!