Matte Black Is The New Black!


When we design, or redesign our homes we always look for what the latest trend may be. There have been white, modern designs and everyone has heard of orange is the new black. We black is back and making a dramatic appearance. Matte black is luxurious on its own but now it’s even more luxurious when combined with another matte finish or contrast metal finish. You may think you must add matte black everywhere to keep up with the trend. However, that is not true! It does not take much of this finish to create a dramatic detail in any interior space.

You can use cabinetry handles or pulls, Plumbtile has a great selection of these pulls. Make sure to get them in a matte finish. Not shiny. When paired with other contrast metals it will really stand out. You can also choose some beautiful matte distressed black finish cabinetry from Plumbtile. It comes in an American Shaker Collection Transitional Style which will fit any design. Truly beautiful piece. Always remember less is more.


Did you know that plumbing fixtures are a huge matte black trend right now because of the statement they can make in a small space, such as a shower or vanity? The great part is they are inexpensive and an easy change to make to existing plumbing fixtures. You can pair it with marble or white tile to create an amazing focal point to any room. We have some elegant marble and white tiles at Plumbtile.

snip20161208_3If you want to continue your trend throughout you can pair black cabinets with white accents. Black and white kitchens are beautiful, elegant and are the biggest trend popping up all over the place today. So, start making your statement now. Create a masterpiece for all to see. Be sure to check out plumbtile for all our newest and truest designs.