Marble Wall Tiles: The Different Types and Inspiration


Cosa Marble Mother of Pearl Tiles

No one can deny that when you see marble tiles in kitchens and bathrooms you think decadently beautiful. Even today you can see more and more that they are popping up in people’s homes.

Real marble tiles have a beautiful, unique look that you don’t find in other surfaces. Its complex whirling patterns and shade variations definitely sets this type of tile material apart from any other. Because of these complex whirling and shading patterns, you might find it hard to match from tile to tile. The best way to ensure patterns match is to have your contractor lay out your tiles over the entire surface before installing. This way you can make sure all the tiles come from the same original batch.

Marble TilesUnlike ceramic or porcelain marble, it requires routine high maintenance which includes that it must be sealed and cleaned regularly. Like most surfaces today to clean marble you will use only a mild detergent solution or a product specially designed for this kind of material. Also like wood marble, it is a very porous material so you will need to make sure you don’t put your drinks down without protection to the marble. You will also need to clean any spills immediately to prevent staining or etching the surface.

Marble, The Luxurious Look

Inspiration for luxury floors and walls come from a variety of different sources. You don’t need to have all your walls in marble to make a statement. Just one marble wall changes the overall design, adding depth and a focal point. To create an enhanced and a cozy atmosphere, try adding dramatic lighting.

Richly-veined marble has the ability to transform your space into anything you want from a warm and inviting kitchen when you add warm wood cabinets and colors, to a modern chic feel with rich bright colors and abstract art on the walls. Though it is not cheap, if you are looking to enhance a room, choose a wall to add marble to it.