Making Your Old Bathroom New Again


Sometimes it is the little things that can change the look of a room. Paint, flooring in a bathroom and something as simple as a new mirror and different lighting can change the look. Traditionally bathroom mirrors were attached to medicine cabinets but in modern bathrooms, decorative mirrors are being used more and more. You can change the look of your bathroom by replacing the mirror and lighting. Mirrors can make a room look larger and the lighting can brighten up the room removing the shadows and opening up the room.

When replacing the mirror always make sure you anchor it to a stud in the wall with the correct mounting materials. If you don’t secure it properly you might not get a second chance to do it again. Once you have removed the old mirror make sure you have the location of the new one marked on the wall, use a level to verify your lines are straight.

If you have a small bathroom recessed lighting if the perfect way to add beautiful light to your room while conserving space. But, if you have a large room, then you can go crazy! If you love Victorian style add a small chandelier, decorative vanity lights, or even use pin lights. When choosing lights for the bathroom decide what kind of ambiance you are going for; soft and sensual or bright and active.

With the high cost of remodeling sometimes you don’t need to totally remodel a room to make it look new again. A little touch here and little touch there and before you know it you have transformed the room with little to no cost to you. To turn your old bathroom new again, it doesn’t have to be a huge remodeling job. Sometimes it is the little things that can make the biggest improvements.