Making Your Bathroom an Oasis!


When it comes to your bathroom you first have to think about the layout and the space you have available to you. Even a smaller bathroom can be an oasis with the right touches. Like the rest of the rooms in your house your need to narrow down the theme and design; What finish resonates with you? What colors do you want? What style do you want to achieve?

The three basic designs are contemporary, universal and transitional. You always want your bathroom to be inviting and warm, you want it to add your own personal touches to it. If you are interested in contemporary design you will lean more towards clean sleek lines without all the extras and will instead focus on the fixtures, tub and vanity to make your WOW statement. Choose a color that will accent your faucet finish, such as burnished brass or maybe a bright chrome and your lighting is both functional and pleasing to the eye. Contemporary design doesn’t mean you have to settle for simple and plain it means your oasis will be timeless and elegant. Your paint and wallpaper should be a soft light color that brings out the beauty of your faucet and your vanity. You can even use tile for the whole bathroom for that special touch or mix your woods with bamboo or cork, which absorbs the water without damaging the floor.


If your bathroom is a guest bathroom and you are not going for the oasis look and feel but looking more for comfort and something that your friends and family will use daily, you might be interested in a universal design. This design you will focus on comfort such as: larger showers, simple tiles and even handicap accessible tubs with wider door to accommodate a wheelchair or installing grab bars. This bathroom is all about your guest’s comfort and needs. You might want to focus on durable finishes for your faucets, warm and inviting paint colors, and even neutral color tile and flooring.

But those that like to walk to the beat of their own drum, traditional design is the way to go! This design is a mix and match of traditional and contemporary designs that will transform your bathroom into that oasis you have been looking for. With a traditional bathroom, you can add the vanity with a sink bowl and match it with faucets that have a look and feel of the turn of the century, modern or even country living. If you have a large room you can add cabinetry that will hold personal items such as hair dryer or makeup, his and hers sinks or even a tub with jets and a separate shower. The sky is the limit to your imagination and creativity!

When finishing your bathroom no matter what style you want always match the walls and floors with your fixtures and stay true to your design.