Make Your Dream Kitchen Part 1

Rohl Kitchen Sink

Have you been putting off that kitchen remodeling project? Every homeowner has a long list of changes and upgrades they want to make to their home. But the biggest obstacle is the lack of time and budget that stops them from making these upgrades. Enjoy our two-part blog series on how to make the kitchen of your dreams! 

Consider the actual amount of time you and your family spend in your home, begin to make it a priority to ensure that it becomes a place you feel proud and excited about. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can achieve the home design of your dreams without breaking the bank – it will, however, take some careful planning and preparation to achieve all that you want to achieve.

The first step towards your dream home is to get a better picture of your project is to break it down into phases. Prioritize those phases by the biggest need. How much materials may cost will determine what kind of budget you’re working with. Remodeling Magazine suggests reviewing a cost vs. value report for your region. Keep in mind that this projection it won’t be an exact number but it will give you a good jumping-off point and a rough estimate. A kitchen remodels could run between 10-20% of the overall value of the home but with that said it is a great investment should you want to sell your home down the line. Gathering this information will help you become better positioned to identify opportunities to reduce costs.

Here are some additional simple, yet effective ways, to save on kitchen remodeling:

Get the best quality you can afford
Don’t stress over “all wood” or “custom-made” cabinetry. Manufacturers are now making cabinets to fit any need that looks wonderful, just be mindful of the quality and construction of the cabinets. It’s important that you make sure to pay attention to the cabinet drawers, they get the most wear and tear and if poorly constructed will breakdown quicker and need repairs. If you sacrifice under-mounted, full-extension, soft-close glides, your investment will ultimately cost you much more down the line to repair or even replace them. It is always a good idea to think about the look that you are wanting to achieve, especially before you start any kind of work. There are so many different materials out there, you don’t have to use the most expensive ones to get the room to come together. This is where the right color can and will go a long way.

There have been vast achievements in technology compared to some of the older-styled products. For example, laminate counters are now formulated to look and feel like stone and marble. Gorgeous, low maintenance luxury vinyl tile is available to replace the old linoleum once used. Both of these are great options to save us a lot of money versus buying expensive stone countertops or tile flooring.

Forget about those pricey accessories! Instead of roll-outs in every cabinet, just put one at the bottom of the most used boxes. Silverware drawers are often the most expensive from the manufacturer, but instead of paying the higher price think about using really nice inserts purchased online or at home stores (that are removable AND washable) for a fraction of the cost.

Keep an open mind
Open your mind to the different possibilities when it comes to space planning. A professional can take your existing space and make the most of your storage while providing functionality by using creative design strategies. You don’t always have to tear into the walls to gain extra space, sometimes you only need to move a doorway to open up the room. Unless you have remodeled before hiring a professional to help with this project will save you money, avoid costly mistakes and possibly give you more ideas on how to use your space better and wisely. They’ve done hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms, this may be your first one – there is a lot to learn. There is a fine art to remodeling and once the house is built and standing for years you will always run into issues you never thought you had.

Cabinets could make or break a kitchen remodel 
Make the most of manufacturers’ rebates on kitchen cabinets. Before tackling the project spend some time watching the market, certain times of the year, manufacturers offer incentives to keep business going or to get rid of the old inventory to make room for new. Don’t be afraid to shop around! Many times the rebate will allow you to upgrade that you would not have been able to afford otherwise. Be very aware of the deadlines since they are enforced on any rebate because they typically come from National brands. So don’t miss out on a great opportunity or deal, remember that you will have to purchase these items by a certain date!

  1. Check back for Part 2 next week for more steps to make your dream kitchen come true!