Make a Zen Bathroom

Stone Forest Soaking Tuib

If you need a respite from your busy life, consider transforming your bathroom design into a personal refuge.  There is a Zen saying that goes like this:

..Silently sitting by the window. Leaves fall and flowers bloom. The seasons come and go.

Could there be a better life? Zen design highlights our relationship with nature and achieving the balance between the two creates the serenity that has made Zen bathrooms so popular.

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Here are some simple concepts to keep in mind:

Avoid Regularity

One of the principles of Zen design is Shibui, which, simply stated, evokes nature by being simple, irregular, and beautiful. If square, regularly placed tiles have a place in a Zen bathroom, it’s only as a counterpoint to a blank wall or a large window. Alternatives to tiles on the walls include stone or decorative texturing. If you choose to texture the walls, don’t follow a formula. Call on your Zen spirit guide to help you create a unique and simple pattern that can never be reproduced. Make swirls or ridges with a brush or drywall knife or, if you have a large, visible wall, flatten it by skim-coating and create a calligraphy design in the fresh mud with a paintbrush.

Stone Forest Vessel Sink

Honor Nature

The purpose of Zen art is to quiet the mind and direct it to the nature that surrounds the viewer. A window is the most obvious way to bring nature into the bathroom, especially if it looks out to a garden or natural features, such as a forest or mountain. If your bathroom doesn’t have a view available, bring nature in. Bamboo and bonsai help to reinforce the Japanese theme, but because Zen appreciates nature as it is in the moment, it’s appropriate to display an ikebana arrangement of seasonal local flowers and shrubs.

Create Space

Clutter in your bathroom defeats the spirit of Zen. Bathroom mirrors and windows help increase the feeling of space, and storage cabinets keep towels and accessories out of view. Indirect light shining onto the walls makes the ceiling seem higher. Let one of the lights shine on a painting or scroll on the wall to create a meditative focus.

Stone forest vessel sink


There are countless ways to create a Zen-inspired bathroom. Regardless of which course you decide on, however, you should focus your efforts on balancing the atmosphere with harmony and relaxation. This is the driving force behind Zen, so you want to recreate these characteristics in your bathroom. Having a “harmonious” bathroom means that all your furnishings, accessories, decorations, and colors flow together in a natural manner. If something looks or feels out of place, remove it from your bathroom.

Zen Accessories

The right accessories will bring your Zen-inspired bathroom together. You can gain some inspiration for ideas by looking at the decor found in professional spas. Most spas are designed with a focus on relaxation; therefore, the elements work well for Zen bathrooms. A large glass vase or bowl filled with polished stones, and houseplants, for instance, is a simple accessory that’s perfect for Zen bathrooms. Placing just a single glass item on a shelf or counter in your bathroom will instantly make the area more relaxing. Also, check out Blomus spa bathroom accessories that will bring your Zen bathroom altogether.

Contact us today so we can help you with the bathroom of your dreams. We will help you bring Zen not just into your bathroom, but also into your entire home!