Tile or Hardwood- Which is Easier to Maintain??

Photo courtesy of AlbertaHardwood.com
Photo courtesy of AlbertaHardwood.com

That is the big question right? You don’t want to spend hours maintaining our floors, and you want to know the answer to this BEFORE you install the floors! So whether you want to install tile or hardwood, here are some things to consider when making a decision.

Hardwood Floors

Photo Courtesy of Leksakeronline.eu
Photo Courtesy of Leksakeronline.eu

Hardwood floors can definitely be a little more expensive to install, especially if you hire a contractor. However, the maintenance on hardwood, as long as you keep it up, can be very easy.  Of course, if you let a wood floor sit for years, it is going to be hard to clean up, but if you are able to do regular maintenance, your wood floor will look gorgeous for years to come.

To help maintain your wood floor, it is best to keep the highest traffic areas covered with area rugs, and use a damp mop to get up dirt and grime.  If you let this go, it can become sticky and very hard to remove without more work.  Every few months or so, you should wax the floor, preferably with something that contains citrus oil, because not only does it protect the floor from scuffs and marks from everyday wear and tear, but it also and kills bacteria that could cause damage, as well as nourishing the wood keeping it looking better, longer.  When there is damage, say scuff marks or scratches, it is pretty easy to fill in minor holes- and the faster you get on it, the less damage there will be.  Larger areas are a little more difficult to fix, but still doable, and there is always replacement, which is definitely more costly.  If all else fails, you can always refinish and completely make your wood floor brand new- even completely changing the color, which is not possible with tile.

Tile Floors

Photo Courtesy of www.roomology.blogspot.com
Photo Courtesy of roomology.blogspot.com

Tile floors definitely have the versatility, as there are many different styles, types and colors made with countless materials including ceramic, stone and even concrete.  There are endless design possibilities as the tiles can be cut into multiple shapes and made into any one of a myriad of designs. There are even some ceramic tiles that mimic wood perfectly (as shown in the picture to the right).  Maintenance on tile is almost effortless, as not a lot of work is required.  Tile floors are definitely more water resistant- and almost indestructible. If your tile is grouted, there is the extra work of cleaning the grout, but again, as long as you keep up regular maintenance, the work is hardly anything at all outside of a quick mop and wipe, and a yearly grout maintenance.

When damage occurs to a tile, however, that isn’t quite as easy to fix, or easy to ignore.  You can’t just fill it with some wood filler.  Cracks or chips are much more obvious, and require sometimes costly replacement, because there is nothing you can do to hide the damage from view.

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