Kitchen Storage: You Can Never Have Enough!

In terms of storage space in the kitchen, you can never have enough space or storage. When remodeling your kitchen, you can always buy cabinets that come with all the storage features you will need. That could eventually get pretty costly. Let’s look at your dream kitchen so far. You have just painted your space, replaced the lighting and have a beautiful tile on your floor. Now you are at your cabinet. You wanted to save some money to be put towards an upgrade to your flooring. Instead, you decided to re-face your cabinets, hardware and add storage space.

One of the many changes you can make is choosing decorative and useful canisters. Since these will sit on your counters and be seen by everyone, look and find stylish canister. You can even find great ones in flea markets and antique shops. All you have to do is just clean them up. Inserts and tray dividers can be purchased to keep your drawers clutter free and organized. Hafele offers a variety of pulls, knobs and tray dividers that will assist you in creating the organization you are looking for.

You will want to free up your cabinet space and store your dishes in a deep drawer. In addition, you might think about using a peg system to hold the dishes in place. Take one cabinet and turn it into the garbage/recycle area. You can do this by removing the cabinet door and installing a pullout system to hold the cans. Attach the cabinet door to the face of the system. This will not only store garbage/recyclables together in one cabinet. It will also hide them from view.

If you have been thinking about replacing your cabinets look for at least 42’ high or even taller. The upper cabinets can be used to store the items you use for special occasions or things you don’t need daily.

With the right tools and the right cabinets, any kitchen can have the storage space you need!