Kallista’s Dark-Hued Fixtures

Kallista black faucet

Kallista Plumbing products are crafted from the finest materials and expertly engineered for reliability and durability. They are aesthetically pleasing with an eye toward style and functionality. The Kallista range includes everything you need to add comfort and efficiency to your home, including kitchen taps, bathroom taps, showers, bath solutions, and accessories.

If you are looking for dark fixtures for your kitchen and/or bathroom, you will fall for Kallista’s moody hues.  Encounter their deep-hued finishes, gunmetal, and matte black. When updating your kitchen or bathroom, consider Kallista’s dark-hued and black fixtures and fittings. This finish will create a striking contrast alone or in any setting – whether for a tone-on-tone, monochromatic effect or bring color and interest to a space.

The beauty of a dark-hued fixture is its ability to create an endless variety of effects. Whether you are looking for an elegant and refined bathroom or kitchen scheme or a dramatic space with a modern twist, these shades will give your next project the edge it needs.

Kallista Blue Hued Fixtures

Kallista Matte Black

Kallista Matte Black is a deep, velvety color with a texture unlike any other. Our powder coat finish is durable, scratch resistant, and has superior corrosion resistance. Our matte black fixtures are created for both modern and contemporary spaces. This finish is resilient, and durable and can last for years to come. This remarkable design is a matte black and dark-hued fixture with soft bevels and a bronze finish. This dark color finishes in dramatic contrast to any setting.

Kallista's Gunmetal

Kallista Gunmetal

Kallista’s Gunmetal reveals deep blue-hued tones with age adding depth and beauty to this fixture. These fixtures are also specially treated to resist tarnishing and rusting. Kallista Gunmetal is a finishing powder that highlights the beauty and shine of our fixtures. Included in all Kallista Gunmetal recommended packages, or for sale individually. Kallista uses the latest in cutting-edge technology to create sleek and modern designs. From the industrial feel of the Gunmetal to their black fixtures, this collection is perfect for a modern take on your space.

Contact one of our Sales Consultants today and we can help you pick out the best Kallista fixtures to bring a  moody hue to your kitchen and bathroom today!