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Interstyle Glass Tile

Interstyle is a Canadian ceramic and glass company, with all its products made in Vancouver. They are known for their glass tile and were one of the first producers of the product in the 1980s, responding to the demand of their clients. Since then, their company has grown, but they remain true to their roots, keeping their factories in Canada and still focusing on glass tile.

Attention to detail is a commitment Interstyle Ceramic and Glass Tiles strongly stands by that offers tiles and bathroom solutions. They are committed to crafting the highest quality products that are made in North America.

Interstyle glass tile

The Product

Interstyle Tile Company. is a manufacturer of ceramic and glass tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, and swimming pools. Interstyle specializes in creating custom mosaics and large-format tiles for both wall and floor installations.

Their glass floor tiles are richly multi-hued and smartly designed, made in both small square sizes and larger rectangular shapes. Some of the glass designs they offer have pictures embossed on them, in floral and naturalistic designs. You cannot doubt that these tiles have serious appeal; they would make your room truly magnificent. They are also unique; you don’t see glass floor tiles often.

Interstyle glass tile

Their love for precision craftsmanship, brilliant design, and an infinite variety of colors, textures, and sizes are shown in the unique tiles they produce. Interstyle Ceramic and Glass Tiles pioneered the production of modern fused glass tiles. Today, they continue to lead in the development of original, high-quality glass tiles and innovative ceramic tile and trim.

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