Inspire Your Kitchen with Jaclo Faucets

Jaclo Kitchen Sink Faucet

The kitchen is arguably the busiest room in your house. You prepare meals there. Family and friends gather around food there. Children grab an afternoon snack and do their homework there. One of the hardest working fixtures in your kitchen is your faucet. With Jaclo, you can choose from several styles that can allow you to upgrade your kitchen sink to show your personality and give the sink its due respect.

Jaclo has invested in research, innovation, and design to ensure that customers are continually at the forefront of giving the people what they want.

When it comes to your kitchen faucet, you can pick from one of these mount options:

Deck Mount Bridge

Jaclo’s deck mount bridge kitchen faucets are available in a few different sizes. All spouts are swivel and some even have a removable spray nozzle. You can customize your handle style. All of the faucets will fit into a standard faucet hole drilling.

Wall Mount Bridge

Like the deck mount bridge faucets, these Jaclo kitchen faucets are available in a few different sizes. They have swivel spouts and some have a spray nozzle. You also have the option of choosing from one of a few different handles. The styles of each faucet vary, meaning that there is most likely something for anyone.

Jaclo Kitchen Faucet

Single Lever

These faucets all have the same options as the above faucets: different sizes, styles, removable spray nozzles, and customizable handles. The main difference with the single lever faucet is that you only have one temperature handle as opposed to two. These faucets fit a standard faucet drilling for single lever faucets, meaning that if your old faucet was a single lever, you still have options for a beautiful replacement.

Three Hole Deck

Again, these faucets have the same options as all Jaclo’s kitchen faucets. These faucets are wider, with the handles being separate from the spout. As they fit a standard hole drilling, you won’t have to drill new holes to replace your old faucet.

Your kitchen is a busy room. Spending so much time there, everything about it should reflect who you are. This goes for even the smallest details, such as the faucets on your hardworking kitchen sink. For a variety of options, look at Jaclo at Plumbtile!