Ideas for Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Getting the right lighting will enhance every room, every color, and even every mood. But did you know that the right lighting for your outdoor kitchen are can affect your food preparation and mosquito control?

Without the correct lighting outside you can’t really tell if your food is cooked properly you constantly have to walk inside to make sure it was done. But there is a solution to this problem we all have with any outdoor kitchen, install the right lighting!

The size of your outdoor kitchen will determine the correct lighting and fixtures for your entire outdoor cooking and dining experience. The lighting above the grill or cooktop is the most important to get right. You want something that is bright and illuminates not only the cooking area but also any prep area you have. Seeing clearly the food you are cutting is also essential to reduce accidents and help in the clean-up of that area

Task lighting using a Par-20 halogen bulb above these areas is a perfect solution. Halogen lamps are small, can withstand higher temperatures, which makes them perfect for outdoor cooking areas. Make sure all lighting and electrical fixtures are rated for humid and damp conditions, not all lighting and fixtures are appropriate for all areas.

If your outdoor kitchen or dining area has a ceiling, consider installing a ceiling fan with a lighting fixture. The fan deters mosquitos and the extra lighting will help the performance of the entire kitchen area. Also, consider installing a dimmer so you can adjust the amount of light in your outdoor kitchen. Pendant lighting can be used for over bar and serving areas to create fantastic mood lighting but they do attract spiders so make sure you clean them before using.

A nice touch to the whole living area is to install solar-powered LED landscape lighting for walkways and the outer perimeter of your outdoor kitchen. This will provide the perfect lighting for walkways and steps and allow your family and guests to move freely without worry of accidents.

Most installations of outdoor lighting will require an electrician. So don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Do you still have questions about outdoor kitchen lighting, but don’t know where to go? Head on over to PlumbTile, where our expert employees are waiting to help you out. Don’t let the idea of this being a difficult project get you down. Let us help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!