How to Use Indoor Furniture Outdoors

Photo courtesy of Bunning Warehouse

As the weather begins to break, we look for ways to spend time outdoors. You want to create a beautiful outdoor space and most often the exterior are overlooked.  Did you know that you can transform some indoor pieces that you absolutely love to withstand the outdoor elements? The possibilities are endless.  Once you have found your favorite pieces you will need to prep it and get it prepared for painting.

First you will want to prep your furniture. Make sure your furniture surface is dust free and dirt-free as possible. Also, if there is any damage to the piece you will want to repair any pieces.


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Once you have cleaned all of the oils and dirt off of the furniture you will want to do some light sanding. Sanding the furniture will create a better bonding surface to apply your finish. Make sure to clean off any residual sawdust once completed.   

Next you will want to choose a paint or stain that is suitable for outdoor surfaces. Exterior paint or stain with help to keep your furniture pieces stable to withstand some outdoor elements. Coat the surface several times to make sure the surface is protected and lasts longer outdoors.

After you are finished staining or painting your furniture you will want to give it time to cure. This will enhance the furniture and make sure it’s completely sealed. Once your furniture is completely sealed you want to make sure to take steps to prevent any type of damage. If you have an enclosed porch or covered porch interior furniture is best kept there. Always renew or recover the furniture to keep the integrity while outdoors. If you do not take care of your furniture it can deteriorate from the outdoor elements.  If you have any questions you can contact one of our experts at Plumbtile.