How to Make a Small Bathroom Pop

Small bathrooms can be difficult to improve and design. You may think you don’t have too many options. However, if you become really creative you can make that small bathroom pop. You can transform that little bathroom into a true masterpiece.

One of the main changes you can make is using light colors. Lighter colors often make a room appear much larger. Lighter colors reflect more light making the room appear bright and using lighter colors in your bathroom is an optical illusion that can make the

room seem more spacious. Lighter colors for the walls can make them appear wider. Now you don’t have to choose all white. There are some lighter tiles and paint colors you can choose that will still give it some elegance. Such as light blues or greys.

Now let’s work on lighting.  You will want to make sure to maximize the lighting. If your room is dark, it may feel smalls and tight. Use as much beautiful lighting as you are able too. Also making sure there are windows for some natural light will really maximize the size.


Don’t forget mirrors. Mirrors can trick the eye into thinking spaces are larger than they really are. By reflecting the area, it faces, a mirror can actually make it look like the space continues beyond the wall the mirror is hung upon. If the mirror faces a window, it can also create the impression of there being another window in the room. These are some great tips to making the room feel light and airy.

Find flexible furnishings and vanities. You don’t want your vanity to overpower the room. With small bathrooms you can use rolling storage carts, smaller yet trendy vanities, hooks and some shelves. You want to maximize space while making sure its functional.

And now for the fun part. Go all out and go bold. Create some stand out features in your bathroom. Maybe choose a feature wall with some gorgeous wall paper or a funky tile design. Remember only feature walls. Ding too much will shrink your space. Choose some beautiful trendy fixtures. You can use some bold gold faucets, or gold accessories. Gold has made a comeback and while it is bold, it is elegant. Make an impact with your accessories.

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