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Baci by Remcraft mirror

Baci by Remcraft specializes in high-quality lighting products and mirrors, incorporating the latest LED and optical mirror technology. The company has been around for decades, and its mirrors and lights are available right here at Plumbtile.com. They have a variety of mirrors, from makeup mirrors to those attached to the wall, and their lighting options appeal to those with more traditional to a more modern personal style. How do they stack up against the competition? Let’s look at their quality and decide if they are worth investing in.

How Baci Looks Compared to Competition

Baci by Remcraft mirror

Baci bathroom mirrors have a refined, European style and sensibility and work well in more modern spaces. They offer a few mirrors that can be attached to walls but seem to focus mainly on makeup mirrors. Since they have the latest in the mirror and light technology, it can be safe to say that buying their makeup mirror will make you a customer for life. It will probably be the best mirror of its kind you have ever bought since they have 50 years of experience in this kind of product. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a full-length mirror or something else, they cannot help you. Baci by Remcraft produces makeup and lighted mirrors exceptionally well but has not expanded beyond this minute specialty.

Their bathroom lighting seems to be of exceptional quality as well. The compactness of their lights would make them perfect for bathrooms and powder rooms. They have options for style, but their variety is not the kind you would find at a bigger retailer.

Baci Remcraft mirror


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