Hastings One Of A Kind Products

Hastings Bathroom

Hastings is a company that produces bathroom faucets and fixtures. Their products are unique and hip—some of their faucets come in all colors of the rainbow, while their showerheads look like they are from some time in the distant future. Their taste level is on point; their stuff looks innovative but is not too “trendy” or off-putting.

It’s rare to find a company that has multicolored faucets which shows that Hastings fills a niche. Is it a niche that you are interested in filling? We’ll look into all they offer to give you an idea of whether they would be a good fit for you.

Hastings faucets

The Product

Hastings offers basin faucets on top of the multicolored ones that are modern, simple, and luxurious. Their kitchen faucets in particular are quite uniquely made, showing an image that this company possesses that others do not have. They have this kind of creativity but also a high sense of taste which bodes well for a customer interested in the unique but not the tacky.

Their bathtubs are also very creatively made, breathing life into a bathroom. But, as Hastings can do, there is still a sense of sophistication with their products.

Hasting bath tub

Hastings: Rare Combination of High Creativity and Sophistication

Hastings is rare to find and should be treasured. They have the creativity that many seek without the tackiness that many times can go along with it. This company should definitely be seriously considered if you love unique pieces, but want your bathroom to look elegant. We think this company offers products that are one-of-a-kind, combining elegance with the products of the future. You would not find faucets in all colors of the rainbow anywhere else. Definitely look into this company; even if it’s just for a look, it can help inspire you.