Great Bathroom Renovation Tips

With bathroom renovations come lessons learned. Instead of having to learn the hard way, it’s best to do your research and avoid making the same mistakes others have done while doing their own renovating. Oftentimes mistakes can happen because homeowners don’t have confidence in what their personal preferences are.

What are some good advice tips to keep mistakes to a minimum while renovating?

Make the right lighting choices. Most of the time, the go to lighting for a bathroom is spotlights in the ceiling for a number of reasons. Spotlights are very out of the way. Bathrooms get damp and humid. It makes perfect sense. The only concern for most is the mood of the place remains the same due to the lighting being so permanent. Here are some choices to place in your bathroom in addition to those harsh spotlights, and to keep from being blinded when visiting the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Backlit Mirror. For those family members that get ready in the morning before everyone else gets up, it’s a great idea to invest in one of these. Specifically because it won’t give off too much light that will wake up a sleeping partner, and provides enough light so that the person getting ready can see what they’re doing. Ronbow – 30 Inch Albert Wood Frame LED Mirror is perfect for the job.

Sconces. If you can afford to, invest in beautiful sconces. Hudson Valley Lighting are not only aesthetically pleasing, they will provide a restful environment and a well needed oasis.

Chandelier. Not satisfied with an oasis? How about a chandelier? If there is enough space over a stand alone bathtub, this would be a perfect lighting option to add the right amount of luxury and elegance to your space.

Dimmers. If you have a luxurious bathroom, you can afford to add other options for your lighting. Rather than clutter your walls with additional light fixtures, invest in a dimmer. It will provide just as much ambiance as flickering candles and romantic sconces.

Go back to basics when it comes to wall decor and color. Today more than ever before, there are far more choices to use in your bathroom then there have been in the past. While most bathrooms are still sporting the tile wall look, there are plenty of waterproof options that you can choose from. Here are some options to go with.

Slab. Yes, this is still tile. However, it’s a larger scale, leaving you a clearer and cleaner space. Gone are the days where you have to clean grime in grout.

Paint/Wallpaper. Now waterproof paint and wallpaper are available in any hardware store. With this option, the sky’s the limit and there is no worrying over air bubbles or peeling because of humidity.