Going Green Can Save You Green!


The bathroom is full of harsh chemicals and high rates of water consumption. We need to find better ways of conserving our natural resources and cutting down the use of such chemicals. Why not start in the bathroom? There are quite a few ways in which you can go green in the bathroom.

First we can start with changing out some of those fixtures that use heavy flows of water. Choosing the right products is important in going green. You can choose the perfect low-flow faucet and aerator which can also help keep water flow down. Plumbtile has a great variety of low flow faucets and aerators to help with your green solutions.

Snip20160831_11Plumbtile has the biggest selection of low-flow showerheads that can reduce water consumption by 30 percent without affecting the quality. We have many quality hand shower sets as well as showerheads. You can contact one of our sales associates to assist you at 1-866-758-6284.

Next you may want to consider choosing a low flow toilet. Our Class Five flushing toilets technology provides tremendous bulk waste flushing performance and best-in-class bowl cleanliness. The canister flush valve provides smooth flushing actuation with consistent water usage, flush after flush 1.28 gpf High-efficiency toilets provide significant water savings of up to 16,500 gallons per year versus an old 3.5 gallon toilet without sacrificing performance. Selecting the right toilet can create a more efficient green bathroom. Plumbtile has a large selection of toilets to choose form depending on your style and design.

You will also want to replace your tanked water heater with a tankless model. This will not only reduce the amount of energy that is consumed but will also product a better air quality.

UntitledOnce all of the fixtures have been changed out you can redecorate with natural products and organic linens. Make sure to use paint that has a low toxicity to really go green in your bathroom. If you have any questions or need assistance in choosing your fixtures, you can call Plumbtile and speak with one of our sales representatives 1-866-758-6284.