Go Green with Beautiful Tiles


The questions on most people’s mind are two things: How do I reduce my energy bills and how do I reduce my carbon footprint? Going green can be achieved with going weith all natural material in your tiles. Natural wood such as cork and stone tiles offer very beautiful choices but if you are more into the exotic look, consider coconut, pebble or teak mosaic tiles. And if you want to go 100% green you can purchase tiles made strictly from recycled materials.

When you are working in a kitchen the best type of flooring is cork. It is easy to clean, porous and unlike stone or ceramic tile, it is easy on your feet and legs. Cork is made from recycled cork and comes in many sizes and colors. Cork is very durable, holds up well in high traffic areas and will not damage easy if gotten wet. Stone tiles can add a touch of elegance to any room and they too come in many shapes and colors. Slate, sandstone, limestone and travertine are more popular floor and wall tiles and marble and granite are used mostly for countertops. However, if you want to add that extra special touch to a room, marble floor tiles make a wonderful splash!

If you are looking for a more exotic tile, then coconut tiles are the one for you. Coconut tiles are made from chips and shells and with an eco-friendly adhesive and finish. They are great for bathrooms and kitchens. It is warm, inviting and gives your space a tropical look and feel that will leave your family and guests loving the room they are in. If coconut is not quite what you are looking for maybe you want a more rustic look then possibly teak wood, mosaic tiles or pebble tiles are more your style. The teak wood tiles are made from reclaimed wood, come in a variety shapes, grains and sizes for you to add a personal touch to each room.

Pebble tiles are made of small stones attached to a mesh backing with patterns that interlock to give a seamless look. These tiles are excellent for any room that you want a rustic look. The only drawback to the pebble tile is that is can be a bit difficult to install and generally you will need a contractor to install it correctly.

No matter what you choose “going green” can be a rewarding way to go and the perfect way to add personal touches to your home while also reducing your carbon footprint.