Glass & Ceramic Sinks For Modern Homes


One of the key things when updating your bathroom is sink. It is the first and last thing people see when they walk into your bathroom, so when you choose a new one pick a sink that speaks to you. A modern bathroom sink is the perfect touch to your contemporary bathroom design.

Most bathroom sinks are made from vitreous china and enameled cast-iron but other materials are enameled steel, tempered glass, stone, wood, acrylic and solid surface. More and more people are moving to glass and ceramic sinks for their beauty and classic designs.

Glass is becoming one of the more popular sink materials because of the look and feel. Glass works well with different styles of bathrooms featuring rounded, square and rectangular design. You can glass sinks in clear glass with designs in different shades, including blue and green.

Ceramic Sinks is still a very popular choice for bathroom sinks. With ceramic you have a number of advantages over glass and metal:

  • Withstands scratches
  • Holds up well to daily use
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and designs

The reason ceramic has become a popular choice in bathroom sinks is because of the variety of choices in shapes, design and color. You can also purchase ceramic sinks in the traditional oval or rounded sinks and more modern square sinks.

With all the choices, today you are no longer stuck with the same old look you will find in every other bathroom. Think out of the box, look at all the different styles and design and choose the one that best fits your room. If you are doing a remodel to get a better return on your investment you might want to consider what your potential buyers want. Before you replace your existing sink think about whether that sink will work with the design of your room and your future needs.