Get Artsy In The Bathroom!


When you think of art you think of Picasso, Rembrandt, paintings, pottery or photos but art can be found in many forms. When you talk about art in the bathroom it is not confined to images in photos or on canvas, pottery or glass vases and figurines. It is cabinetry, sinks, tubs, flooring, wall coverings and so much more! You can make a difference, add personal touches, and bring out your personality in these items without cluttering a room.

Let’s take flooring and walls. Exotic woods on the floors and walls will bring out the warmth and richness of a room, mosaic tiles can bring out the artistic side of you. You can purchase the wood tiles in many different shapes, sizes and stains to enhance your walls, countertops and finishes. You can purchase mosaic tiles leaving a space here and there to create your own mosaic with the left over tiles.

If you are a lover of the Victorian style then you can add a porcelain or glass basin, clawed foot tub with a separate shower and possibly marble or granite countertops with a nice teak wood or wood looking tile in the bathroom. Top all this off with beautiful brass faucets and you are instantly transported to a more decadent time.

Country living is for you then perhaps a metal or stone basin sitting on a wood countertop with brushed nickel faucets and accents. Herbeau makes a beautiful copper bathtub that would be the show piece of your bathroom finishing this style off with a pebble tile and you will have captured the perfect country bathroom.

But if these styles just aren’t you, if you love the more modern, sleek lines, sharp angles, exposed brick type of then focus on efficiency and high tech gadgets that make life easier and better use of space. Think about bathroom cabinets that have space saving features such as, built in shelving, a laundry hamper or even compartments for all your personal items like hair dryer, combs and brushes or make-up. The shower might be all glass with a shower panel for that spa experience, chrome faucets, a glass basin and finish this all off with a sandstone tile.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, now go make some art!