French Country Bathroom & Kitchen Must Haves


Every house has it’s gathering room, you know the one that the family comes together in to talk about their day, make plans for the future and socialize and for many it is the kitchen. A French country kitchen is like wrapping yourself in a warm fuzzy blanket. French country style and design brings out a feeling of a traditional and humble life.

When you think of a French country kitchen or bathroom think about the landscape and pull the soft, warm, soft, muted, pale colors. The focal point of any kitchen or bathroom are the cabinets Because cabinetry tends to take up the most visual space in a kitchen, using warm surfaces and by using the warm, muted color pallets you are able to obtain a true authentic French country feel.

But cabinets and countertops are just the beginning you need to make sure you have crown molding framing the top of the kitchen’s cabinets along with skirted cabinets. If you want a true French farmhouse style, make sure the skirted cabinets are under the sink.

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The key to a French Country bathroom is combining the decadence with an elegance and serenity. This bathroom style is a perfect fit if you are looking for the elegant opulent way of life. The French Country Bathroom embodies this ambiance with the warm, creamy color scheme and sleek elements.

Follow your inner instincts to create a bathroom with clean minimalist appearance and elements of bold and charming nature. If you have a large space for the bathroom you can utilize this by decorating the bathroom in light colors such as white, cream or soft yellow colors.

With all the different styles to choose from you will be able to create an oasis for you and your family with the French country style and design.