Fashion your Floor

plumbtileWhen most people stop and think about fashion, they offent ponder about what clothes go on them. The attire could be a dress, a blouse, a pair of jeans and much, much more…

Well, interior design is what goes onto your house. From the paint you choose to the floor you install. Every single bit of it matters. There is more than just carpeting now-a-days. You have hardwood floors, tiles and even vinyl.

Hardwood flooring options has been expanding even more than you might think. Surprisingly, they are even making there way into powder rooms and bathroom design. That is interesting! There are most definitely regional and demographic differences when it comes to color. There are many colors to choose from, such as whitewashed, grayed finishes, brown tones, reds, oranges and gold.

As with wood, bigger is always better when it comes to tiles. Rectangular and larger square tiles are preferred because they help visually enlarge spaces and minimize grout lines. This helps with attention to the details you know. Now, vinyl tiles specifically, can be warmer under foot. This will undoubtedly make a very largy dent in sales over the next few months.

As a bonus, having hardwood floors is a benefit to those individuals with asthma and allergies. Now, for those people, who can have a rug, there is always the option of an area rug. You can place it right underneath your coffee table. So you can get the best of both worlds.

So, what do you think you will be dressing your house with in the coming weeks ahead? There are so many ways you can go, such as a golden, hardwood floor with a light brown area rug or another combination could be a vinyl floor with a gray finish…whatever you choose will truly make your home grand!